Customer Emails

June 22, 2024

Wow! Head sail showed up today way ahead of schedule. Looking out my office window and thinking . . . i'm retired, I should be SAILING! Heading that way with a new head sail!

Mike Searcy.

June 4th, 2024

Got the sails up in some wind and they are perfect! It's like having a new boat. Will send a couple of pics once I get them. Thanks, they are beautiful!

Kenn Pilczak, Dehler 37,
Hull, Mass.

March 11th, 2024

The sails are perfect. The fit is spot on. You have made me very happy. The quality is beyond belief. Your customer service was top notch. I was taken care from start to finish. FX sails is great. Thank you for your care and expertise.

O'Day Mariner.

Jan. 22nd, 2024

Hello FX, Thank you again for the great set of sails. The boat sails like a new boat again! Keep up the great work!

air winds,
J. Harrison,.
Catalina 30.

August. 28th, 2023

Hi FX, A quick note to let you know the FX Sails are looking and performing great!

Chris Wood,
Morgan 41, Mayaquez,
Puerto Rico .

July. 12th, 2023

I cannot thank you enough for the time you put into my sails, and how much better my boat sails, how beautiful it looks. and how you got them to me on time before we went on vacation. it is so enjoyable to sail my boat. I just can't thank you people enough. if you ever need a great reference just let me know.

thank you so much
John Keville,Worcester, Mass.

July. 3rd, 2023

Received and hoisted the new storm sail. Perfect! Thanks for getting done in time. I leave for the Halifax race tomorrow .

Frank Flores, Essex, Ct.
NEO 430

June. 19th, 2023

Well, we finally had some decent wind on a weekend with the wind speed 10-15 gusting to 20 mph on Lake Carlyle and the sails were really great- the boat flew! The guys with me commented how well the sails looked and preformed!
Thanks again, FX!

Charles Brown
O'Day 30

May. 20th, 2023

we love the new sail! Good performance and quality
Tom Colisimo.
Colisimo Hunter 23.5

May. 18th, 2023

I am emailing to tell you how pleased I am with the sail purchased from The Sail Store. Your telephone assistance was extremely helpful. The sail arrived when you promised. It was nicely-packaged in a great sail bag. The sail itself is perfect -- correct fit, matching UV cover, great quality.

Keith Bucklin, Catalina 27 TR goes with the above testimonial and the date is May 18th
Keith Bucklin.
Catalina 27 TR

Mar. 31th, 2023

We were able to try out the new sails for our O'day 31 this weekend. What a difference! The sails look great and fit perfectly!.

Thanks for all the help in selecting the right set!
Gary H.

Jan. 10th, 2023

Hi FX, received the new Mainsail for my Catalina 30 this week and was able to test it out this weekend. Wow. Wasn't execting the performance difference. It's like a new boat! The construction looks flawless. Thanks again for the guidance. Will be back for the Genoa in the Spring.

Fair winds,
Jamie S.
Washington, N.C

Nov. 10th, 2022

Love the Sails!! Best looking Catalina 36TR sails around!

Duane Sink
Hattiesburg, Miss.

Oct. 10th, 2022

Guys!!!! My beautiful compac 16 sails came in today and I immediately put them on the boat! They look absolutely fantastic unfortunately not very much wind tonight but it looks like it's picking up tomorrow afternoon so I'll be able to test them first thing tomorrow just wanted to share some pictures feel free to advertise with them because these are such beautiful sails!

J. Hides

July 14th, 2022

To the FX Sails Staff. Thanks for the great advice and taking the time needed to pick the right sails for my Catalina 30. The sails are perfect! Be back for the Spinnaker in the Fall.

W. Evans

June. 01, 2022

We got the Asym loaded in the sock this weekend and then flew it for the first time. It was easy to fly and performed very well although I have a long way to go learning how to properly trim it. My wife (who designed the colors and layout) loves the look of the sail and said that this is the sail she has wanted since we purchased the boat in 2014.

Don Frick
Jeanneau 409

Apr. 24, 2022

Just want to thank your staff for the guidance they gave for the new Main and Genoa for my Catalina 30. The Genoa and Mainsail have greatly improved the boats performance and the quality of the sails is really top notch. The sails fit perfectly and we’ll be ordering the Spinnaker shortly.

Thanks again!
Happy Sailing!
John M, San Diego, Ca

Dec. 07, 2021

I wanted to provide you with an update on my new sail. I received it undamaged and well packaged. with my new sail I completed my first ocean crossing, three days at sea from Panama City to Ft. Myers. The sail sets beautifully and drives my old tank with authority. I am extremely pleased with my new Main. I will recommend your loft to all of my cruising friends.
Thank You for an outstanding mainsail and I look forward to many miles under my keel.

Thank you and everyone at FX Sails

Captain Troy Young

Sept. 1, 2021

Thanks to your timely delivery, we were able to debut our new red asymmetrical last night. Another great sail, easy to fly and gybe, and way better than flying a symmetrical from a bowsprit. We took a 2nd place behind a J88. It's hard to compete against those sport boats.
Thank you again, to you and your team, for building me another great sail.

Next year we'll talk about a light-air spinnaker, and main.

Doug D.
CS 34
Long Island, New York

July 2021

Just wanted to to complement you and your loft for the great job on my sail. The Craftsmanship was outstanding. My commendations for delivering in the middle of the virus and Summer season.

Hats off to all of your staff.

Bill L. Atlanta, Ga

Sept 2020

Thanks again for the great advice and workmanship on our new Catalina 30 Genoal! We love the sail detail and it is performing perfectly. We'll be back next Summer for the Mainsail.

Good Luck to your entire crew!

Tim and Kate P., San Diego, Ca

July 2016

As you know, we're on our fifth sail from FX on 2 different boats and couldn't be happier. The last 2 are high cut Yankees for our Alajuela 38 jib and stay sail. We've put over 10,000 miles on these 2 and they're still almost crisp as new.

We flew the staysail with a double reefed main in a 50 knot gale coming out of Maui for 15 hours, all balanced well with the Monitor doing the steering then 21 days home, great trip, great not having to worry about sail malfunctions:)

Great product at a great price.

Joe Kiernan
Kingston, WA
SV Slainte

September 2015

Thank you for that beautiful sail. It is my third purchase from you and I am glad to say that you made a very good job.

That genoa is the perfect match for my FX full battens mainsail I bought 3 years ago.You made another satisfied customer again!

Best regards,
Eric Meunier
Beneteau 42
Ontario, Canada

August 2015

Your Pacific Sail [Sunfish] is beautiful. My mother loves it. Made her sail back across the lake.

Thomas M. Mlot, P.E.
Richmond, VA

July 2015

I would like to compliment you on the great job you did, on my hobie 17 sail. You put the colored panels in perfect position, for a great look.

I am MORE than Satisfied.

Bob Denninger
Hobie 17
Albany, NY

March 2015

The new sail is really great! It looks and handles even better than the last one, but the way it stays flat and points is the best part. I went down to the La Piana Regatta just to watch, and had people taking pictures of the sail.

Thanks again for working with me.

Warren Stryker
Hunter 54
St. Thomas, USVI

December 2014

Just wished to pass on appreciation I have for you guys regarding my new genny. It fits the boat perfect. I am very happy with the sail shape and sewing work.

Paul Dias
Dean 440 Catamaran
Little Compton, Rhode Island

September 2014

Just a heads up to thank you for the great sail! I'm extremely happy with the product and will be preferring more in the future.

Jason J. Smyth
C&C 35-3

June 2014

The mainsail looks and performs great. As you told me, the oversized roach goes from side to side without any difficulty. We haven't had much opportunity to race with the asymmetrical yet, but from what I've seen so far - It's impressive. Your sails are just what you said - Great looking, great quality, and reasonably priced. Thank you for all your help. I've already started recommending FX to the other MSSA members.

Douglas Dalessio
Catalina 320
New York

May 2014

This week, I was finally able to get out on the water with my 1974 Folbot and my new FX sails. What a huge difference from the old sails! They perform just as Bill said they would.

Many thanks for your ease of ordering and prompt delivery.

Bruce Henderson
Newton, Mass

May 2014

You couldn't have cut this sail any better. Foot length is perfect. Fairlead block is spot on at mid luff. Luff length is maxxed.

Super pleased. Dreaming of my next FX sail already.

Adam Waywell
Cape Dory 25

April 2014

We are still enjoying the fine sails you made for me close to five years ago. We finished 2nd in Rolex Race Week and thee sails are still fast!

Your satisfied customer,

Warren Stryker
Hunter 54

January 2014

My new sails made my old boat look and perform great all season!!!

Thank you,
Tim Tuten

September 2013

Thank you for making such an excellent job of the Macgregor Venture 222 sail that arrived here in Kinburn, Ontario yesterday. We took the boat out this afternoon on the Ottawa River in strong winds under the new FX mainsail alone and she went like a charm.

Best regards,
Nick Shepherd

August 2013

Thought I would let you know the Mainsail is perfect. The sail fits perfectly and the boat is flying. I'll definitely be recommending FX Sails to all of my Dockmates.

Thanks again,
David Gearhart
Lake Tahoe

April 2013

Can't restrain myself from letting you know that today was the first day sailing with the new Main and Genoa you made for my 1964 Bullseye. The boat verily flew through the water!! The sails are perfect. Nice work.

Peter B. Liebert, M.D.
White Plains, New York

April 2013

I am writing to thank you and your team again for a great job done!

I picked up the sail in Florida, the day before leaving and only just hoisted it yesterday (It's been very windy here). It looks great and all the telltales will help with sail training!

Ted Gosling
Hamilton, Bermuda

March 2013

Thanks again for this beautiful sail. We love it!!

Drew Zeigler
Catalina 34 (Asymmetrical Spinnaker)
Savannah, Georgia

October 2012

We had a great season and sailed more often and with more control and fun than in years past. Due in a big part to the FX sails we bought earlier this year. We are very happy with our new main and the Genoa combined with the foam luff and CDI furler. We go out more often because we can control sail size and shape without too much concern for what we might expect...All the fine details incorporated in the sails were a bonus. The questions Bill asked up front helped us think about what we wanted to achieve from our new set!

Bill Chamberlain
Sandpiper 565
Ontario, Canada

September, 2012

Just got the sails today - they fly great. I was doing an average 6.5knts and even up to 7.9knts at one point in 15 knots of breeze. Great product. Even the weather helm has decreased substantially. I am looking forward to using my sails for many years.

Alain Bouvier
Beneteau 285
Toronto, Canada

August, 2012

I've been way busy with work and haven't had much down time to post pics.

Thanks again for great service. I'll let you know when I'm looking to replace and add another.

Bob Langston
Beneteau 350 Oceanis

June, 2012

I just wanted to get back to you and tell you that everything fits and runs perfect.

Everything worked out just perfect! The sails arrived on Thursday and Sunday was a nice, little gusty windy day.

The boat runs really nice, the sails have a great shape that allows me to go hard upwind. Thank you!

Bernd Hinterlassnig
Mustang 22
Ontario, Canada

May, 2012

Just a note to say the mainsail for my Montego 19 arrived in perfect time for spring sailing and I have had her out several times this year already. It made the biggest difference in performance and handling.

This is my first brand new sail, so I didn't know what to expect, but I am well pleased with it and you now have a customer for life. Exceptional quality and the best prices, why would I buy from anyone else?

Gary Cash
Smith Mountain Lake, VA

May, 2012

Just thought I'd drop you a note to let you know how satisfied I am with the sails you made for me. The shape and quality of the sails are second to none! These are the perfect day sailing and cruising sails.

The sails fit beautifully out of the box, and the sailing performance is superb. We have had severals days with winds in the 25 to 30 knot range and the sails trim beautifully without having to reef. The boat just powers through the SF Bay chop and the helm is balanced perfectly.

I couldn't be happier with my decision to order sails through FX Sails.

I am extremely pleased with the Harken Furler, the Strong Track, and my decision to go with the full battened mainsail. I recently added lazy jacks for managing the mainsail dousing. Everything is simplified and much easier to handle with a crew of 1 to 2 people.

Thanks again for everything,

I am getting some pressure to get involved in racing again, so I am thinking about ordering some racing sails. But, my wife is asking what I am going to do with the 15 bags of sails I have stored in the garage! Once I get that issue sorted out I will be in touch.

Bruce Hardy
Olson 40
Prime Time

April, 2012

Thanks for working through all of the important details with me! The sails are very good. We raced non-spinnaker in the Round St. John race with a 60 handicap, and were first to finish- beating all of the spinnaker class boats over the line, and winning our class. More recently we sailed to St. Barth, and had many inquiries about our beautiful sails from folks that had not heard of FX, and wanted to know more. The stiff battens were key to extending the performance of these sails to heavy air. Thanks again for a job well done.

Warren Stryker
Hunter 54

April, 2012

Just wanted to report on the main you guys did for my boat. It fit perfectly and is absolutely beautiful. Our first time out we took 3 second places in about 15 knots of breeze. I am very well pleased. Thank you for your fine work. I will spread the FX word in my club and beyond. Thank you very much.

Jim Parins

April, 2012

Tried the new main out yesterday with strong track. Love it. One hand raising of sail. Nice control when reefing insofar as lowering and then retensioning sail goes, and shaking out the reef was easier than ever. Thanks again, very happy.

Ron Acierno
Cabo Rico 38

December 20, 2011

A few weeks back, I had the opportunity to use the new full batten main you made for me in 20-25 knots of wind. I am very pleased with the main sail!

I believe you have an opportunity to expand your business in SF Bay Area, for those clients who are cruisers and/or occasional racers and want a good product and a very reasonable price.

I am extremely happy with your recommendation and my decision to purchase and install the "Strong Track" system sail hoists are faster and dousing is rocket fast with a lot less effort. The strong track installation was very simple and you hardly notice the track against a black anodized mast.

Thanks for meeting my expectations with the performance and quality of the new mainsail.

Bruce Hardy
Olson 40

September 21, 2011

My new genoa arrived on Monday and I had the opportunity to take it down and try it on the boat last night. It fits perfectly and is exactly what I wanted. I got out for a sail and after a hour or so of tweeking blocks and such have her tuned just right.

Thanks so much guys. I need a 135% next year and I'll be definitively coming back to FX for it.

Chris Wild

September 21, 2011

Wanted to tell you how impressed I was with the Gennaker you built for us. I must say, I'm impressed with how it performs and how easy it sets. You can count on an order for the next sail in the near future. Thanks again for a great product.

Dale Starkes

September 19, 2011

Fantastic! Thanks so much you guys are really on top of it. I really appreciate your service.

Craig Hines

September 12, 2011

I very much appreciate your generosity and quick service. When I get questioned about my replacement sail and the company from which I purchased it, you can be assured the response will be extremely positive. Thanks again for your concern and prompt response.

Gordon Plate

July 19, 2011

Just thought I would let you know that my new mainsail is terrific! Very well made and performs beautifully. Thanks for making a high quality sail at a reasonable price. Well done!

Paul Jordan
Catalina 27 6659

June 14, 2011

I just did the opening ceremonies on the two sails today. The furler that was inherited with the boat furls the jib fine so I'm happy we stayed with the furling game plan.

The main fits perfectly. I'm not used to the loose-footed system, but it should work very well. Sails, workmanship are super - I'm a happy traveler :)

Have a great season,
Keith Laurie
Alberta, Canada

June 14, 2011

Shirley and I flew our spinnaker again Saturday. Several boats came up and all had compliments for us. The greatest of all was the guy who said, "Thank you for making my day!"

Our sail is accomplishing exactly what I hoped. Thanks for a great job!

Jimmy Wood
Hunter 23

June 13, 2011

We received the sails, put them on Friday night and sailed all weekend, what a pleasure! (Like a new boat) Everything fit like a glove and works bitchin!!! Had a lot of comments on them, all positive.

Joe Keirnen
O'Day 32
Kingston, Washington

June 6, 2011

Just wanted to drop you a line and tell you the sail came out great. Unfortunately the weather didn't cooperate for the race on Memorial Day weekend and 3/4 of the fleet wasn't able to finish. That being said, the new sail made a ton of difference and we were near to top of the class when we ran out of time. The boat is much better balanced and sails like a dream.

Phil Marrandette
Hyannis, MA
O'Day 39

February 1, 2011

I just wanted to let you know that my main has arrived at my home in NJ, Thank you! That was fast.

Best regards,
David A Cusick DC1,
US Coast Guard Academy
New London, Ct. 06320

January 11th, 2011

FX Sails takes first in non-spinnaker class, Block Island to Newport leg of the Twenty Hundred Club Block Island weekend. Great sails!

William Kirk
Pearson Flyer

September 11th, 2010

Just a quick note to say that we received the Main sail as promised last week and we fitted today and sailed for a couple of hours trimming and ensuring a good fit - we has 25 knots of breeze and the sail performed amazingly and outstripped our previous main which was not that old. It is beautifully cut and the Roach/luff is so much better than before on the old sail. This is the second sail we have had from you guys and would not go anywhere else.

It has been a pleasure dealing with both of you and also the quality of the materials that you use are second to none - We are now heading to the Caribbean with our new sail, so looking forward to some fun sailing and amazing sun.

Once again you have produced an amazing product and with superb service to go with it!

Cheers and thanks

Nick Atkinson
Beneteau 393

August 25th, 2010

The sails just arrived and all I can say is..... AWESOME!!! You even did the logo!!! Thanks again and you guys will receive a great recommendation from me.

Eric Weller
Dahlonega, GA

August 15th, 2010

We just returned from our cruise and wanted to tell you how happy we are with the sail. Thank you again for getting it to us (early!!) in time for our trip.

Kind regards,
Stacy and Jeff

August 12th, 2010

Received the Main on Monday as you said. Put it on the boat and sailed Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Like a new Boat. Thanks for Great SERVICE and pricing . I have already had several inquiries about FX.

Thanks again
Billy Griggs
Cumberland, Rhode Island

July 14th, 2010

We’re into our third season using our new FX sails on a Columbia 9.6 on northern Lake Michigan where we sail and cruise. While I ought to have written this two years ago I can give an update as to how they are performing. Even as our old sails should have been thrown out long ago, I knew there would necessarily be a difference with a new main and 135 genoa. These new sails fit properly from the get go and the boat sails better and faster on all points. They continue to perform remarkably well.

Good pricing combined with accessible and knowledgeable people makes it all work. I’m impressed.

Sam Trufant
Harbor Springs, MI

July 12th, 2010

The sails are wonderful! Better than the original that I used for 39 years. Boat is much faster, a racing equiped Laser could not catch me! Thanks for a great product.

Betsy Solsky

July 5th, 2010

Had our first race with the new chute on Saturday. A very deep run up the west passage of the Narragansett. The sail performed great and moved us up the fleet pretty significantly. It was easy to handle, stable and fast.

EC Helme

June 29, 2010

FX Crew: Just some positive feedback. I received my new main in time for the launch date. The sail is great; it went on without a hitch; I love the convenience of inserting the battens, and the boat handles so much better with new cloth hanging. Thanks ever so much for your work and a great addition to an aging boat.

Enjoy the summer,

June 15, 2010

My sails were delivered on time and exactly as specified. Everything was included, even things most lofts charge extra for and all fit perfectly—truly a class job from the FX loft!

This past weekend I had my first opportunity to fly them and it was truly an overwhelming experience. With little or no trimming I hit 6.8 with the headsail only. I look forward to many years of enjoyment flying them and will be quick to direct others to your loft.

Many Thanks!

Dean Sullivan
Mutiny, C&C 32 Mk I
St. John's, NL

June 14, 2010

I just wanted to drop you a line to say thanks for arranging to get the sails built and delivered on time. I had an opportunity to use them already and they look and perform great. Being Offshore sails, they certainly are very well built, in fact the overall quality of entire package, including the sail bags is amazing.

I’ll definitely be giving you a call once again when I plan to replace my main sail later this year.


Jack Verheyden
Ontario, Canada
Corbin 39

April 26, 2010

We had a great race, sails were perfect! We took first place, Raoul is stoked!

Need a price on a nice asymmetrical kite for the Beneteau 40.


John McNally
Jupiter, Florida
Beneteau 40

March 15, 2010

The main you guys made for me is great and the timing and delivery were unbelievable. It was a perfect fit. I have never had a single complaint.

But the time is coming that since you did such a great job on the main can you upscale it and provide me with a higher tech material for a jib?

Thanks again

Henry Ukik
Grosse Pointe Park, Michigan
Schock 55

September 2009

I installed the genoa on my Beneteau Oceanis 473 and it fit perfectly. I am very happy with the sail.

John Betty
Geneva, Switzerland

September 2009

We just used the new FX sails at our club Labor Day regatta and I wanted to write to say that we were very fast. At the first race we were sorting out how to trim the sails. On the second (and final) race, we took line honors, and we were racing against some very fast boats (indcluding a B25) that should have finished well ahead of us (SJ24). The main has a much better shape than our old mylar main, that incidentally had been raced only for two seasons. To say that we are pleased, is an understatement.

Ron Mitchell

August 2009

I raced my new C-22 mainsail last night in our Thurs series. OMG! Wow! We smoked everyone in our class! That was the fastest my boat has sailed. It was simply amazing. We pointed higher, we had more control to flatten the sail and keep the boat on her feet when the wind picked up (we went out with our 150%), we gave the sail a little more curve when reaching and we scorched!

I was always about mid-fleet on the beat, not last night. We had a really bad start (we were coming in too hot at the line and luffed the gennie, but dropped too much) crossing dead last in the fleet. We proceeded to pick off all but two boat by the weather mark! After another goof (bad spinnie set) we started picking off more boats on the run and by the leeward mark we had left them in our wake. No looking back on the second lap.

Great, great, sail. Now I need to put away a little for a new jib in the spring! I want my whole sail inventory to be FX.

Thanks again for the awesome, awesome sail.

Weston J. Becker
C-22 "Celeste"

May 2009

Hello, I got my sails the other day - WOW! They're awesome!! Thank you! I've been on the website discussion boards bragging about them already. Thanks for a great job and adding all the little extras and attention to detail.

Thanks again for a great product. Tiger Funk

April 2009

I just received my spinnaker, and it is BEAUTIFULL!!! and everything is there.

The time delivery and the costs where exactly what you told me.

I want to thank you VERY much again for the excellent service. You took time to answer to all my questions and gave me time to choose design and colors and sent me exactly the product I was waiting for.

If you need references in Québec, I am there.

Quebec, Canada

April 2009

I have some exciting news for you and FX Sails. With the FX Main and 150 jib I purchased from you last year we won our class this year sailing in the 2009 Texoma Lakefest. Due to weather this year only three races were able to be completed. I am attaching the link to their site. Not only did we win our Class 8 division, our times were better than all three working sails classes. The mainsail that was cut by you last year with a full roach makes all the difference in the world. Again thanks for your efforts.

Brad Codding
S/V Baybaleanous, C320 Catalina

January 2009

Thanks so much for the extra effort to send my sail [spinnaker]! Nice present under the tree. Raced with it on January 1st. Fastest my knotmeter has ever recorded with the new sail. Hope you will visit me and sail when you are traveling in the area. Everyone with FX sails would love to meet you!

Thanks again! Sail made the front page of two local newspapers.

James Little
WLSC Race Captain

September 2008

Just letting you know I have been flying my FX8 Asymmetrical Spinnaker for the last two days now! We're 1800 miles out with another 1200 to go for landfall at Nuku Hiva in the Marquesas. Averaging 150-mile days. I love the sail! I'll try to get some cool pics using it in the islands the next couple of months...maybe one with Moorea or Bora Bora in the background.


September 2008

I wanted to tell you how much I love my new sails for my Catalina 25, I bought a 150 genoa and a fully battened main. I went from a Chevy to a Ferrari. I also made a referral and you got an order from a friend of mine for the same 150.

Thanks again,
Jesse G. Camp III
Orlando, FL

August 2008

The sail arrived as scheduled and exceeded my expectations. I mounted it on my old boat and it looks great! I just got back from my first sail and had a nice ride with no problems. Thanks again for your quick response.

Bob Turner

July 2008

I just wanted to let you know that we won our first ever club race last night racing in a PHRF division against a C&C 27, Kirby 25, Tartan 28, and a few more. The FX #1 and main flew beautifully. This year I also won a single-hander sailing against a Soverel 27. The sails are still better than the sailor, but things are going well for a crew in only its second year together. Thanks for all your help. Hope you're having a great summer.

Bob Vander Ploeg
Maximum Bob, Sirius 28
Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada

July 2008

Wanted to let you know, I received my M26 main last Thursday. I'm really impressed with the look of the sail and particularly the detail. I'm sure this sail will serve my needs for years to come.

Steve Kennerly

July 2008

Just a note. Love the main for my CC25 Mk II. I've been spreading the word about FX Sails and I know "Ram" from Vancouver bought sails from you. I was out in 25 knots with just the main and shape was perfect...

Rick Nelson

July 2008

I received my sail a couple of weeks ago and have flown it twice. I absolutely love it. Everyone on my dock thinks the quality is superior. You guys really did a great job.

Again, Great job FX!

Mike Phem
Hunter 31 (Genoa)

June 2008

The ice is out, and so is my boat...5 times so far. Your sails are great, the price was right, and employees top notch. Congrats...good luck in the future, and keep on sailing.

John Valentine

June 2008

I just had to email you to let you know how happy I am with the new Main you made for me. It fits perfectly and looks great. Everyone in our club is aware of where I got the sail and the great service you gave.

I know that for all my future boats, there will be no other sail aboard her but FX SAILS.

Again, thanks, and happy sailing.

Doug Cowlthorp
Winnipeg Manitoba Canada

June 2008

Don't know if I ever let you know - I climbed the mast and found out why I couldn't get the main all the way up - there was foam of some sort stuck in the sail track about a foot from the masthead. Cleaned it out, lubed the track, and voila, no more problems. Thanks so much for spending time with me on the phone and helping me hash through some ideas on what may be wrong - performance of the boat has gone from slug to sleek and the build quality of the sail is excellent.

Michael Gerst
Catalina 30

February 2008

I had a beautiful weekend. The weather was really good so i decided to bring the boat from Porto Ercole (Tuscany) to Fiumicino (Rome). Saturday, 35 miles, wind from NW 14-16 kt, so we hoisted your aspin [asymmetrical spinnaker], for the first time, just out of the port and we spent a fantastic day at a speed of 7.8-8.5 knots.

Your sail is beautiful and very easy to handle! Thanks a lot.

Manno Manni

January 2008 (Posted to Island Packet Owners Discussion List)

I think it is important to recognize the good guys and to pass on information regarding folks who do what they say and deliver the goods as promised. I would like to recognize and recommend Bill James and the folks at FX Sails. We ordered a new Genoa and Main sails from Bill and FX last spring. I had sought out Bill because he was involved with Airforce Sails, who made the original sails for our IP27. Since the sails were being made long distance, and we were underway between Chicago and Mobile, I wanted a sailmaker who knew the boat well and who could provide a suit of sails that fit our boat and our cruising needs. I am happy to say that Bill and FX Sails showed themselves to be a good choice in both areas. From pre-purchase advice to final delivery they were pro's.

When the sails were finished in early spring as promised we realized we would not need the them till December. I had to ask FX to store them until we returned to the boat some time in the late fall early winter. As it turned out we rejoined the boat in Florida in late December. Bill and his shipper didn't bat an eye and said they would hold them in storage and ship them whenever and wherever we wanted.

Ever the procrastinator, I avoided the urging of my wife to have the sails sent as soon as possible after my arrival in Florida. Various boat chores and preparation for launching kept me busy and unfortunately distracted. I didn't call FX, to have the sails delivered to me in Fort Myers until December 18th, which I thought was lots of time. As my wife had suggested FX had closed down for the Christmas season so that their staff could return home for the holidays. However, Bill answered my message left on his cell phone even though he was on holidays. He was sympathetic to my plight but explained that the loft and the storage warehouse were locked up tight for the holidays.

I recognized this was my fault for not getting in touch sooner. Bill commiserated but said that the problem was that his shipping and warehouse guy had already left for the airport and he was the only one who could access the warehouse. We dejectedly resigned ourselves to using our old sails for the run across the Florida Bay to the Keys and beyond. We were not sure that the sails could be shipped to Cuba if that was our next stopping place.

Just as I was about to give up and bend on our old sails, Bill called me back. He said he thought he could catch his shipper at the airport where he was waiting for his flight to somewhere in the midwest for Christmas. And that is what he did. Drove to the airport, got the keys and directions to find the sails, picked up the sails, packaged them and sent them Purolator overnight delivery at his own expense from his home in Charleston. He waved off my apologies for interrupting his hard earned Christmas break when he called back to make sure the sails had arrived.

This is a long post but I think the story was worth telling. I got excellent sails, at a good price, from a company with integrity and that old fashioned ingredient, they look out for their customers. That's worth telling folks about, I think.

Thanks Bill and FX Sails
Disclaimer: I have no connection with, or commercial interest in, this company.

Mel Stewart
Island Packet 27

May 2007

Mainsail works and looks great. My 1990 C-30 SR has never sailed better than now with the 155 tri-radial genoa that you made for me last year and this year's new tri-radial main.

Steve Digilio

First off I would like to say what a great product FX Sails designs and builds. I recently purchased a new mainsail for my O'Day 28. The boat has not sailed this well since I have owned her. The sail was exactly what I ordered, and made very well. Also, the support staff and the sail makers were wonderful to deal with.

I know that for all my future boats, there will be no other sail aboard her but FX SAILS.

Again, Great job FX!

Jeff Costa
Owner O'DAY 28
Buzzards Bay, MA

I apologize for not getting back to you sooner concerning the new sails but all I can say is, "we've been too busy sailing". The new sails are a perfect fit and the performance is outstanding. We had absolutely no problems with installation and they look terrific, many compliments.

You guys did a first class job and I have absolutely no problem with recommending FX sails to anyone. Our boat had never hit 8.3 knots before in a 12.5 knot wind so that alone speaks for the performance. The first chance I get ( when I'm not out sailing and showing off) I'll take some pictures for you.

Again, thank you for the superior product at a superior price. Your customer service is excellent, keep up the great work.

Warmest Regards,
Chet & Kathy Wigley
Hunter 31
Offshore Mainsail; Offshore 135% Genoa

Got it yesterday. Beautiful sail, great price, and great service. THANK YOU!!!!!!! I was very pleased with my purchase and the transaction. In addition, I have used the sail so far on 3 occasions and I can't believe how much better the boat sails.

Jim Jorgensen
Atlantic Sunfish Sail

The sails are AWESOME!!!!!!! I've been out every day and have gotten many comments regarding how good they look and set. The Mainsail rocks. Sets perfectly.

Thank You,
Mike Colucci
O'Day 28
Cross-Cut Mainsail, 155% Tri-Radial Pentex Genoa

I received the battens yesterday and hope to install them this weekend. I wanted to let you know that I installed the sail on Sunday and it fits perfectly. I was truly impressed with the craftsmanship. No details were left undone. Even without the battens, weather helm on the boat has decreased dramatically.

Steve Poehlein
S2 9.2 Full Batten Offshore Mainsail

The Sails were great! I asked the Local Sails people like North Sails and they would not put in the rings, they would only do grommets. Your's fit great, had the rings I wanted and I got another knot out of the boat. You will probably get some calls from F dock, others were impressed. Thanks for the sails.

Robert Peters
Catalina 27
Cross-Cut Mainsail; 150% Roller Furling Genoa

Just wanted to let you know that the sail arrived in time for me to get her on and get a test drive in before the race.

The race I was anxious about is called Round Whidbey Island. 65 miles around the island. We finished in approximately 19 hours.

We smoked the fleet, took first in class, second overall. One start, twenty boats all different sizes from a Beneteau 411 to a J24. Yes, we beat the J24! Downwind boat speed under a code 7 spinnaker in 22 kts was 6.5+ kts. There was a time, with current, we were doing 10+ kts! In a Catalina 27 mind you. Totally under control, she just dug in and screamed downwind. Of course my tactics had a little to do with it. LOL

Upwind speed I gained 1.5 kts and at least 3 degrees pointing ability with this sail. YAHOO! Nice sail Bill. We put the reef in her at one point. Normally I hate reefing because you lose so much shape but the shape was nice and flat. The top batten being full was just enough to help keep that shape under reef. Really made the headsails look bad. They'll be next to replace.

I'll send pictures when the race committee gets them back to me.

Thanks for the great customer service, Bill. The mainsail is well built and is a proven winner now!

Tane' Hendricks
Catalina 27
Mainsail with 1 reef, 1 full batten


I've spent some time researching this and hunted around a bit on the 'net looking for tidbits of guidance here and there. Several times I found comments that other sailors had posted remarking on the wonderful service, helpfulness and quality of the folks at FX Sails. That's what made the decision easy for me but frankly I never expected such a great response at 9 o'clock in the evening with so much interest in helping with getting it right!

It is obvious that you love what you are doing and that translates to a great product. Many thanks in advance -- not a big rush as we still have ice here on Cape Cod and spring comes very hard.

I'm looking forward to summer already!

Henry Lind
FX3 Standard Asymmetrical Spinnaker with ATN Snuffer

I just thought I would let you know how pleased I am with the Mainsail you made for me. The quality is frankly much better than I expected. From the reinforcement at the reef points, to the webbing used for the slides, to the detail work on the batten pockets, the quality and workmanship is absolutely first rate. The sail has excellent shape under all points of sail, and the boat points higher, too! Thanks.

Jim Geissinger
Catalina 27 Standard Mainsail

I was able to get out and bend on my new main sail last Sunday and wanted to drop you a note and thank you. I haven't had it out yet but it looks like the top batten barely misses the back stay. PERFECT. The sail was a perfect fit and made my day a good one. I was a little nervous without directions about putting in the battens but once I figured out the tool slid into the end of the velcro it was easy street.

Thanks again for a pleasurable experience from start to finish on my new sail!!

Greg Bowlin
Catalina 30 tall rig
S/V Popeye III
Offshore Mainsail with 4 Full Battens

Few people do as they say these days but not you. Thanks for the beautiful sail and received as quickly as you promised. If you ever need a reference, send them my way. FX Sails is unique to me because usually service suffers when a company has low prices but your service far exceeded any of my expectations. Thanks again for all of your help.

Dan Hudgins
Ocean Sail for Sunfish

I just want to say that Bill was outstanding, attentive, and well informed. He asked questions that I would not have thought of, and this resulted in a better, more effective final product. His experience was definately to my benefit. In addition to excellent early service, the price was far below other vendors, and, most pleasantly surprising, the sails were delivered on time. Actually, they were about a week early. The sails themselves are fantastic. Very high quality, and my boat is sailing better on the wind than it ever has. I would not hesitate to recommend you guys.

Ron Acierno, PhD
S/V Alessandra, Nimble 30 Yawl
Full Batten Mainsail, 135% Genoa, Mizzen

Before I got my FX sails, I struggled with achieving and maintaining boat speed and excessive heel. Similar model boats on the lake seemed to have better sailing characteristics and I was disappointed in my performance whenever I benchmarked against other boats. As an instructor it was difficult to teach sail trim with poor sails. With these new sails, I am now pacing inherently faster boats and teaching sail trim has become much easier with the boat responding to every adjustment. These sails offer fantastic value with no evident disadvantage to much more expensive makes.

Doug Murray
53º North Sailing

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