Storm Trysail: For Boats 30' to 34'$772.65

Storm Trysail: For Boats 30\' to 34\'

70-square-foot Storm Trysail

Our 70-square-foot Storm Trysail, available in white or fluorescent orange, is designed for boats from 30' to 34'. Constructed of 8oz. Challenge sail cloth. This rugged sail includes leech reinforcement gussets, webbed in heavy clew ring, double luff, leech and foot tapes, and webbed in heavy "D" rings at the head.

All FX Storm sails are cut with the seam parallel to the leech to greatly increase shock absorbtion in a seaway.

Dimensions: Luff: 16'5"; Leech: 19'5"; Foot: 8'4"

IMPORTANT: The fluorescent orange sail cloth is available only in 9oz. weight at an additional charge of $40.00.

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