Storm Gale Sail (Boats 28' to 35')$868.48

Storm Gale Sail (Boats 28\' to 35\')

The Storm Gale Sail, is the safest and easiest way to hoist a storm jib in storm conditions.

Features of the GALE SAIL:

  • High visibility luff pouch.
  • Oversized piston hanks PLUS webbed grommets for easier hoisting.
  • It eliminates the need for a removable headstay.
  • It eliminates the dangerous job of unfurling, dropping and stowing away the furled working sail to free up the roller furler in windy conditions to hoist the conventional jib.
  • Since it is hoisted over the furled headsail, the Gale Sail prevents any dangerous accidental unfurling.
  • No transformations or alterations of the rig are needed. The Gale Sail is ready to be hoisted immediately.
  • The Gale sail, since it is hoisted over the very stiff roller furled sail, has a great aerodynamic shape, much better than a conventional storm jib hanked on a removeable headstay, or a partially furled sail, which most of the time has not been designed or built for that purpose. Also, not all roller furlers are built to reef.
  • The Gale Sail slides up and down amazingly well because Dacron slides over itself very well. The next time you walk over a folded sail on deck, take notice of how slippery it is.
  • It can be hoisted with the spinnaker halyard or spare jib halyard.
  • It requires less halyard tension than a conventional storm jib would need since its luff (pouch) is supported by the wide forward part of the roller furled sail. By the same token, chafing is not a problem since the Gale Sail is riding on a large area. Chafing is a problem when a lot of pressure is on a small area, not when it is spread over a large surface.

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