Storm Jib: For Boats 25' to 29'$701.97

Storm Jib: For Boats 25\' to 29\'

Quality Pre-Sized Storm Jib

When conditions on the water deteriorate with the wind howling and the seas swelling, safety dictates the use of heavy duty storm sails. FX Sails now offers a line of rugged storm jibs that will give you peace of mind in the worst of conditions.

This 35-square-foot storm jib includes stainless pressed rings at head and tack, reinforcement gussets, double luff, leech and foot tapes and more.

All FX Storm sails are cut with the seam parallel to the leech to greatly increase shock absorbtion in a seaway.


  • Cloth Weight: 7oz.
  • Luff Measurement: 13' 4'
  • Leech Measurement: 10' 2'
  • Foot Measurement: 7'

IMPORTANT: The fluorescent orange sail cloth is available only in 9oz. weight at an additional charge of $40.00.

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Sail Color:


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